Bowling Clubs - Squads With 10 Teams Or More

Reserve A Block
Of Lanes NOW

Early Bird's Get First Choice
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Reserve Your Block
Between Dec 15 & Jan 1

Your Payment Will Be Due By April 1
Early Birds Get First Choice -

If they Act Between Dec 15 - Jan 1

Under certain circumstances, squad organizers or tournament clubs will be able to reserve a block of lanes at the date and time they choose…And Early Birds Get A First Choice!

To qualify to reserve a block lanes these conditions MUST BE MET

1. The squad must consist of 10 teams or more.
2. Full Payment MUST BE PAID by April 1st (Partial payments may be paid as the block is being filled)
3. There MUST BE a contact person of the club or organizer that the Tournament Director can call.
4. The contact person must keep the Tournament Director updated on the progress of filling the block of lanes.
5. Those Reserved Lanes not paid for by April 1st will be released back to the Mega.

This form is for Early Birds, Tournament Clubs or Squad Organizers only.

Early Bird Entrants can reserve a block of lanes BEFORE normal entries are accepted. Early Birds must put their request in between December 16 and Jan 1.

Blocks of lanes can be reserved after Jan 2, but it will be on a first come, first get basis. The later one requests a block of lanes, the less chance that they will be available.