Why Mega?

We Decided
Bowlers Matter

So We Got Together And Created
A Tournament Just For Them

A Tournament For Bowlers

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Because Bowlers Matter!

Roger Koplin Jr, a well know bowler from San Jose, California, was the catalyst of the Mega Tournament.

The idea of starting the Mega came about from numerous conversations with the many contacts he has developed over 50 years in the bowling industry.

The common theme was that there was something terrible wrong with existing tournament formats, pay ratios, and the general operations of existing tournaments.

Roger then contacted others to see if those complaints and concerns about current tournament formats were founded.

It was a resounding YES! At that point he put together a team of experienced tournament players and the Mega tournament was born.

Since this is the first year of the Mega, we will be open to suggestions on how to improve the tournament.

Suggestions put forth by those support the MEGA will be given the greatest consideration.
List of Supporters and Contributors:

Roger Koplin, (Gardnerville, NV), Cyndee Sutherland (San Jose, CA), Budd Milazzo, (Carson City, NV), John Eberhard (Reno, NV), Leon Chavez (Sacramento, CA), Jim Winklepleck (Gardnerville, NV), Hap Jones (Northern California), Sherrie Purcell, Redding, Ca), and Anthony Thompson (Santa Rosa, CA), Adam Ishman (Las Vegas, NV), Corey Hoffman (Las Vegas NV) and too many more to list.

The Mega Tournament was the result of their brainstorming.

Staff of The Mega Tournament

Roger Koplin: Tournament Promotions
Email: Roger@bowlmega.com

John Eberhard: Tournament Director
Email: John@bowlmega.com

Cyndee Sutherland: Northern California Tournament Co-Ordinator
Email: Cyndee@bowlmega.com
Phone: 408-227-2566

Sam Winklepleck - Main Office & Oregon - Washington Squad Organizer.
Email: Sam@bowlmega.com

Leon Chavez: Sacramento Area Squad Organizer
Email: Leon@bowlmega.com

Roger Koplin Jr

Cyndee Sutherland

John Eberhard

Sam Winklepleck

Leon Chavez

Hosted By
Winks Bowl
1281 Kimmerling Rd
Gardnerville, NV 89460
(google map)

Tournament Begins
August 1

Tournament Ends
August 30

Final Day To Enter Tournament
August 14

Squad Times


9 AM - Doubles & Singles
1 PM - Doubles & Singles
5 PM - Team


9 AM - Team
1 PM - Doubles & Singles
5 PM - Doubles & Singles

Entry Fee Details

$400.00* Entry Pays for Main Event (Handicap Team, Doubles, Singles and All Events for All 4 Bowlers)

$560.0* Entry Pays for Main Event Plus Scratch Option (Team, Doubles, Singles and all Events for ALL 4 bowlers)
*Plus a non-refundable $15.00 Fee If Paid Via A Credit or Debit Card.